#14 Fully Threaded Stud (All Thread)

Fully Threaded Studs, also known as Continuous Threaded Studs or All Thread Studs, are headless fasteners, threaded continuously along the entire length of the stud. Fully threaded studs are usually fastened with two nuts, and are designed for use in applications that entail high tension.

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UNITED FASTENERCAFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)SteelPlain14 x 7/64 x 1norton stud-cut off36
WurthINFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)SteelZinc/Clear14 x 1thrstud-b18.31.2-st-(zn)-7/16_14x1ft220
WeaverWAFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain14-2.0 x 1m all thread 18-8 ss3
HBBOLTCAFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)SteelPlain#14 x 2vertical wood #17 pt, 3/8 rod128
NutsBoltsNEFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)Grade B7Zinc/Yellow14 x 214m-2.0 x 290 b7 stud zy bsi-200192220
FastenalTNFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)SteelZinc/Clear#14-28 x 214-28x2 zinc full thread stud | (01d1026/tnnas) b18.2.1 b18.31.2200
SRFALFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)NylonPlain1412rings #6 stud200
SRFALFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)NylonPlain1412rings 1/4 stud23
SRFALFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)NylonPlain1412rings #8 stud103
GlobalCAFully Threaded Stud (All Thread)SteelPlain1486-6two hole solder lug 0.313 wx0.844 lx#6 stud20

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