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1/4 Ferrules

In the context of Rigging, a Ferrule is a a small deformable metal tube, generally made out of strong but deformable material, used to fix an attachment to the end of a wire rope or cable. The Ferruls is placed over the main part of the Wire Rope, and then the free end of the Wire Rope is looped back through the Ferrule. The ferrule is then peened to crimp or deform it and firmly fix the wire rope.

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Irwin IndOntFerrulesSteelPlain1/41/4 nut ferrule w integ slv celcon6400
MidStatesMIFerrulesSteelPlain1/4flareless ferrule148
ISSCOMOFerrulesAluminumPlain1/4duplex ferrule2780
TSFTXFerrulesAluminumPlain1/4wire rope oval aluminum ferrule 1/4100
LippinCAFerrulesAluminumPlain1/41/4 cable ferrule aluminum165

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