Drive Pin Anchors , Aluminum

Drive Pin Anchors are installed in pre-drilled holes with either a hammer strike or powder actuated force that drives a nail into the anchoring material, expanding the anchor to form a tight fit. When the pin is flush, the anchor is set.

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JacksonMSDrive Pin Anchor (Ramset etc.)AluminumPlain3/16 x 1/4gripx13/32 under head brazier head drive pin grip rivet (#2210-08000 or equal)1179
KomarTNDrive Pin Anchor (Ramset etc.)AluminumPlain3/16 x 3/8brazier hd drive rivet45,000
FACCAOntDrive Pin Anchor (Ramset etc.)AluminumPlainM2117 x t4pin-grip drive rivet universal hd 1/4 dia x 1 nom grip aluminum alloy 2117 t417,315
FACCAOntDrive Pin Anchor (Ramset etc.)AluminumPlain1/4 x 7/8pin-grip drive rivet universal hd 1/4 dia x 7/8 nom. grip aluminum 2117 rivet 5556 pin plain2,000

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