#2 Double End Stud

Double End Studs or Double end Stud Bolts are threaded rods with thread at both ends and a plain shank equal to that of the nominal diameter. Double end studs are used for high strength bolting. Commonly used for automotive or industrial applications.

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THRDFASTFLDouble End StudSteelPlain#2 x 22 #2 ph.x#2 ph. double end b18.31.225
HOUSEFLDouble End StudSteelPlain2-4 1/2 x 5dbl end stud hvynut welded w/f/w20
HOUSEFLDouble End StudSteelGalvanized2-4 1/2 x 5ft dbl end stud w/hvy hex nut hdg36
HOUSEFLDouble End StudSteelPlain2 1/2-4 x 5ft dbl end studhvy nut welded23
CIFILDouble End StudSteelPlain2 1/4-4 1/2 x 62double end stud, astm a354 bd 12 thread on both ends1
CIFILDouble End StudSteelPlain2 1/4-4 1/2 x 70double end stud, astm a354 bd, 12 thread one end and 20 thread other end1
HOUSEFLDouble End StudASTM A449Plain2-4 1/2 x 73dbl end stud a449 hvy nut welded rt.3 &8 rt47
KBSTNDouble End StudSteelPlain22 x 7522x75mm dble end stud fine&crse 25mmeach b18.31.210
CIFILDouble End StudSteelPlain2 1/4-8 x 12 1/22 1/4-8 x 12 1/2 double end shoulder stud 4340 alloy with 160 min tensile and full testing as required by drawing and abscds7

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