9/16-12 Cap Nuts

Acorn Nuts, also referred to as Crown Hex Nuts, Blind Nuts, Cap Nuts, Domed Cap Nuts, or Dome Nuts, are nuts with a domed end on one side to cover exposed internal threading. The name acorn nut comes from its shape.

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ASMCILCap Nut (Acorn Nut)SteelPlain9/16-12coarse flat head cap nut low carb41
HBBOLTCACap Nut (Acorn Nut)316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain9/16-12acorn nuts low crown 316 ss282
ISSCOMOCap Nut (Acorn Nut)SteelZinc/Clear9/16-12acorn nut low crown100
Mid-ValleyCACap Nut (Acorn Nut)SteelZinc/Clear9/16-12cap nut (acorn nut) b18.2.2inquire

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