#4 Wire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt Clamps

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Valley NuWAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain4 x 5/8cable twist wheel1
HayesCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain4ms3367-4-9 2.72 nylon cable tie natural 18#6345
AIHAZWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain4black cable tie nylon MS3367-4-06255
AIHAZWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain4cable tie wrap natural nylon MS3367-4-961100
ACFCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain44 clip-on markers .185-.234 wire4
AALLNJWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsSteelPlain44 j cable support hook200

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