Wire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt Clamps, Plastic

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HayesCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain3/8ms25281-f6 3/8 loop clamp-flat nylon208
GlobalCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlaintyd-50r tnb cable straping abstrap w/o buckle plastic uv and weather resistant 50ft reel1
ACFCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlainwcua 125 gray vinyl adhesive wire u clip4875
Cal FastenrsCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain#exwhc-500 1/2 releasable wire harness clip - .394 wide - pvc3,154
ASFCORPMIWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain1/21/2 in plastic wire harness clamp natural whc-500-0111,698
OlanderCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlainflat ribbon cable clip pvc adh mount793
THRDFASTALWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain3/16cable plastic coated coated to 1/4400
AFIFLWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain3/0 cable pvc100
AIHAZWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlainTIE STRAP MS3367-6-0582
AccutiteCAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlainrichco plastics clip wire saddle nly .19 x .32 MWSEB-4-01A-RT200
WDMBIAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain-wire t-clip blk plastic50
WDMBIAWire Rope Clamps, U-Bolt ClampsPlasticPlain-wire t-clip blk plastic120

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