1/4 inch length Broaching Studs

Broaching Studs have an axially knurled ring with serrations that are designed to cut into the installation material providing an interference fit that provides good torque-to-turn resistance and withstands push-out. The action of displacing material as the serrations are pushed into it is called broaching.

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CenturyFLBroaching StudSteelPainted#6-32 x 1/4pem kfh-632-42
CenturyFLBroaching StudSteelPainted#4-40 x 1/4pem kfh-440-4590
JHP FastenersMIBroaching StudSteelPainted#4-40 x 1/4pem alternative kfh-440-4 captive ckfh440-4 broach-type stud bronze electro-tin thread-4-40 / length-.2502920
JHP FastenersMIBroaching StudSteelPainted#6-32 x 1/4pem alternative kfh-632-4 captive ckfh632-4 broach-type stud bronze electro-tin thread-6-32 / length-.2501025

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