Bent Bolts , Class 10.9

Bent Bolts can have any of a “U”, “V” or “J” shape and are usually used to keep piping or round shaft or conduit in place against the bend of the bolt. Each end of the bent bolts has a machine thread, and a nut washer combination is used to tighten the shaft against a flat surface.

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FastWareSaskBent Bolt (U, V, J)Class 10.9PlainM16-2.00 x 55b/tx167 ih square u-bolt w/side bend 50 tl js500 rev b369
WurthINBent Bolt (U, V, J)Class 10.9Zinc/ClearM10-1.5-4.50 x 4.41 x 2.00m10-1.5x4.50x4.41x2.00 round bend u-bolt pc 10.9 zn&cl(jdm f15 a2c) see print n276864 pack 50 per rcb500

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