Arc Weld Studs , 316, 317, A4 Stainless

Arc Weld Studs or just Arc Studs are headless fasteners joined to a base material utilizing a highly reliable electric arc welding process. Arc weld studs must be manufactured from a weldable material, and can be either internally or externally threaded, or sometimes unthreaded.

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Fastener OHArc Weld Stud316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain3/8-16 x 1arc weld stud 3/8-16x1 316 ss27
EndriesWIArc Weld Stud316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain1/2-13 x 1 1/21/2-13x1-1/2 316 stainless steel arc pitch diameter base weld stud975
SBSMAArc Weld Stud316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain5/16-18 x 1 1/4f/t arc stud 316 s/s

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