7/16 Shackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)

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TPCINShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)Grade 5Plain7/16-20 x 3shackle bolt500000
TPCINShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain7/16-20 x 3shackle bolt500000
JacksonMSShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)BrassPlain7/16chain shackle with screw pin to be discontinued whn all sold13
JacksonMSShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized7/16shackle bolt anchor type h.d.g.2
THRDFASTFLShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized7/16forged screw pin shackle hdg domestic5
NutsBoltsNEShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain7/167/16 screw pin anchor shackle usa m649p10

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