1/2 Shackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)

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JacksonMSShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2shackle bolt anchor type h.d.g.37
JacksonMSShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2screw pin anchor shackle10
B & K FASTPAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain1/21/2 screw pin shackle stainless t31618
METRO INDOHShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/2round pin anchor shackle4
METRO INDOHShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2screw pin anchor shackle forged 2 ton5
HBBOLTCAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2screw-pin shackle []7
HodellOHShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/21/2 alloy safety anchor shackle hg 539089520
THRDFASTFLShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain1/2t-316 ss screw pin shackle11
THRDFASTFLShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2forged safety anchor shackle hdg2
WDMBIAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/2shackle w/5/8 pin per print32
MidStatesMIShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2screw pin anchor shackle hdg20
ISSCOMOShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2anchor screw pin drop forged hdg 1/2 2 ton with 5/8 dia pin class 256
NutsBoltsNEShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/21/2 screw pin anchor shackle usa columbus mckinnon m650p12
NutsBoltsNEShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/21/2 hdg screw pin anchor shackle59
ASFCORPMIShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/21/2 in screw pin anchor shackle df hdg4
KBSTNShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/21/2 screw pin-anchor df shackle hdg!96
MTPCAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/21/2 hd gal jaw & eye swivels with a cotter pinstock
R&SORShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/21/2 screw pin anchor shackle hdg2
UNITED FASTENERCAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelGalvanized1/2anchor shackle screw pin hdg6
EmpireWAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/21/2 s.p. anchor shackle-gal w/screw pin5000
THRDFASTALShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain1/218-8 ss forged screw pin shackle load rated1
ManscoMIShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)316, 317, A4 StainlessPlain1/2pin twisted shackle 316 s.s. rf6329
EmpireWAShackles (Anchor, Snap, etc.)SteelPlain1/21/2 s.p. anchor shackle-gal6

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