Wurth IndD.F.Aircraft CableNylonGalvanizedx 71/16 7 x 7 galvanize aircraft cable nylon coated to 3/322,000
Alma BoltMIAircraft CableNylonPlain1/4(5/16 od) 1400#wll aircraft cable vinyl coat 7x191000
Alma BoltMIAircraft CableNylonAluminum zinc flake (Dacromet, Magnigard, Doerken)3/32 (1/8 OD) 200#WLL X 500 AIRCRAFT CABLE VINYL COAT 7X71000
Alma BoltMIAircraft CableNylonPlainx 71/16 (3/32od) (7x7) 1000 aircraft cable vinyl coat2000
Alma BoltMIAircraft CableNylonPlain3/64(1/16od)(7x7) 500' roll aircraft cable vinyl coat505

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