3/8 Acme Thread Nuts

ACME Thread Nuts, which have internal ACME threads,  are designed to mate with high load bearing Acme threaded studs, rods, and screws, and are often used in machine applications that transmit motion with lead screws, such as garage door openers. .ACME threaded nuts are among the coarsest threaded nuts made.

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JacksonMSAcme Thread NutSteelPlain3/8-123/8-12 tpi acme thread heavy hex nut class 2g rh10
MidStatesMIAcme Thread NutSteelPlain3/8-123/8-12 acme nut l.h.70
FastWareSaskAcme Thread NutSteelPlain3/8-123/8-12 heavy acme hex nut16
BIG BOLTILAcme Thread NutGrade 2Plain3/8-12nutscoupling nut3/8-12acme r/h/t1050

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