#10-32 x 7/16 Machine Screw, Brass

Machine Screws are uniformly threaded screws which are designed to be screwed into pre-drilled, pre-threaded holes, or in conjunction with a nut, usually with a diameter less than 1/4inch. Larger diameter machine screws are usually referred to a machine bolts.

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LibertyILMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16slotted round m/s1,700
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16slotted flat m/s444
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16slotted round wash m/s np9000
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassCadmium#10-32 x 7/16phillips pan cad pl2600
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassNickel#10-32 x 7/16phillips pan pl250
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16slotted bind100
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassNickel#10-32 x 7/16slotted round pl700
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassCadmium/Yellow#10-32 x 7/16slotted flat cad yellow4483
AmeriNYMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16slotted fillister140
LippinCAMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/16machine screw slotted roundhead brassstock
VertexDILMachine ScrewBrassPlain#10-32 x 7/1610-32x7/16ph pan m/s brass

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