Semi-Tubular Rivets

Semi-Tubular Rivets are similar to Full-Tubular Rivets: the difference being in the depth of the hollow shank. A semi-tubular rivet has a much shallower hollow shank. Like all rivets, the purpose is to clamp two materials tightly together, and to achieve this, the length of the rivet shank and the depth of the tubular portion of the shank must be such that it can pass through the thickness of the parts to be clamped. Installation requires an anvil that bends the shank of the rivet outwards, locking the pieces in place.

Semi-Tubular Rivets Diameters

Semi-Tubular Rivets are available on the FCH Network with Imperial/US diameters that range from #0 to 6 and with Metric diameters that range from M1 to M10.

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