Reamers by available Material and Size

Reamers are in the group Hand Tools. Hand tools are any tools that are manipulated by hand rather than by a powered tool. Categories of hand tools include wrenches, pliers, cutters, striking tools, struck or hammered tools, measuring tools, screwdrivers, saws, and knives.

Reamers available in the following materials.

Reamers, Steel
Reamers, 300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)

Reamers available in the following US/Imperial diameters.

Reamers, #0
Reamers, #1
Reamers, #2
Reamers, #5
Reamers, #7
Reamers, #8
Reamers, 1/8
Reamers, 3/16
Reamers, 1/4
Reamers, 5/16
Reamers, 3/8
Reamers, 7/16
Reamers, 1/2
Reamers, 9/16
Reamers, 5/8
Reamers, 11/16
Reamers, 3/4
Reamers, 7/8
Reamers, 1
Reamers, 1 1/8
Reamers, 1 3/8
Reamers, 1 5/8
Reamers, 1 7/8

Reamers available in the following Metric diameters.

Reamers, M1
Reamers, M1.6
Reamers, M2
Reamers, M2.2
Reamers, M2.5
Reamers, M3
Reamers, M3.5
Reamers, M4
Reamers, M5
Reamers, M6
Reamers, M7
Reamers, M8
Reamers, M9
Reamers, M10
Reamers, M12
Reamers, M14
Reamers, M16
Reamers, M18
Reamers, M20
Reamers, M22
Reamers, M24
Reamers, M26
Reamers, M28
Reamers, M30
Reamers, M35
Reamers, M40
Reamers, M48