Lag Bolts

Lag Bolts,or Lag Screws usually have a larger diameter than wood screws, but they are intended for use in lumber or other heavy materials that are bearing an intense load. Since thay are designed for heavy-duty applications, they require a pre-drilled hole, and usually have a hex head.

Lag Screws, sometimes called Lag Bolts, usually require a pre-drilled hole. They are usually larger diameter, with a wood-style thread, and are used to connect wood or like materials that need to bear a heavy load.
Lag screws are some of the strongest fasteners. They are very large & are designed to support much heavier loads than wood screws or sheet metal screws. They have coarse threads and a tapered point which allow them to support a lot of torque. Lag screws are only available with a hex head and can be installed using a ratchet or nut driver.
Common applications of Lag Bolts are:

  • • Lumber
  • • Heavy Duty Construction
  • • Wooden Playground Equipment
  • • Bridges
  • • Railroads
Lag Bolts Diameters

Lag Bolts are available on the FCH Network with Imperial/US diameters that range from #1 to 3 and with Metric diameters that range from M5 to M20. The length of Lag Bolts is usually measured from the point to the underside of the head.

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Lag Bolts Materials

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Lag Bolts Finishes

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