M12 Dowel Pins (DIN 7979d)

Dowel Pins are straight solid headless shear fasteners with chamfered ends to aid with insertion and alignment. Dowel pins, which can be straight, tapered, slotted, or grooved, are inserted into pre-drilled holes, and their purpose is to keep assembled parts aligned. Dowel pins are typically hardened and manufactured to precise fractional diameters and lengths.

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MSTCMADowel PinSteelPlainM12 x 3212 x 32 din 7979d int thd dwl pin-h/g m631
MSTCMADowel PinSteelPlainM12 x 4012 x 40 din 7979d int thd dwl pin-h/g m670
MSTCMADowel PinSteelPlainM12 x 5012 x 50 din 7979d int thd dwl pin-h/g m610

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