M8 Ball Studs & Pins

Ball Studs are fasteners with a spherical shaped head and a threaded shank. The special head is designed to allow a rapid assembly while some movement of the assembled parts is allowed. Ball studs are usually paired with socket mechanism to transfer rotating motion to linear motion.

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HodellOHBall Stud, Ball PinSteelPlainM8-1.25 x 29.5m8-1.25 x 29.5 ball stud to prt496
FastcoMIBall Stud, Ball PinClass 8.8PlainM8-1.25 x 16Length Under Head-16.00 / 15.40 mm Length Under Shoulder-14.30 / 13.70 mm Overall Length-19.08 / 18.3 mm Head Square Diameter-13.08 / 12.90 mm Head Thickness-3.08 / 2.90 mm Hex Flat to Flat-13.00 / 12.57 mm Hex Height-6.0 mm Minimum Spherical Diameter-10.00 / 9.75 mm Length from Top of Sphere to bottom of Washer-25.5 / 24.5 mm Shoulder Under Ball Diameter (Base)-8.8 / 8.6 mm Shoulder Under Ball Diameter (Under Ball)-6.9 / 6.7 mm Thread M8-1.25 6g Material 10B21 Finish Rust Inhibitor Heat Treat N/A | Ball Stud5475

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