UNIT FASTMIReamer BitsM1212mm (.4724) chucking reamer str shank str flute 8 oal 2 flute lgth hss usa1
METRO INDOHReamer BitsM12chucking reamer str flute hss din 212a2
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM12str flute machine reamer din 212a hss xs12
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM12taper pin reamer din 9a hss xs7
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM12.5str flutehand reamer hss xsinquire
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM1212mm spiral flute mach reamer din 212b hss xs1
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM1212mm taper pin reamer din 2180 hss xs2
MMCCILReamer BitsM12m12mm spiral machine reamer din 208b hssinquire
MMCCILReamer BitsM12m12mm str flute machine reamer din 2cinquire
MMCCILReamer BitsM12m12mm exp hand reamer din 859b hssinquire
MMCCILReamer BitsSteelPlainM12str machine reamer din 208a hss xsinquire

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