M2.5 Grooved Pins (DIN 1474)

Grooved Pins, or just Groove Pins, are solid non-threaded press-fit pins that have grooves running axially along their surface. Since the grooves are swaged, material is displaced, increasing the diameter of the pin. As the pin is forced into a hole, the grooves close and the pin locks in place. Grooved pins have good anti-vibration performance.

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EurolinkSCGrooved PinSteelPlainM2.5 x 102.5x10 plain finish half-length reverse grooved pin din 1474inquire
BritMetMDGrooved PinSteelPlainM2.5 x 6din 1474 grooved pin16
BritMetMDGrooved PinSteelZinc/ClearM2.5 x 6din 1474 grooved pin zp bn 885zp1,972
MSTCMAGrooved PinSteelPlainM2.5 x 122.5 x 12 din 1474 grovd pin 1/2 tpr ks450

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