M8 Clevis Pins (DIN 1434)

Clevis Pins are headed pins that consist of a head, an unthreaded shank and a hole. The purpose of a clevis pin is to form the removable part of a “U” shaped clevis fastener, being inserted through the two holes of the clevis joint or shackle. The clevis pin is locked in place either by a cotter pin, or by nut if the end of the clevis pin is threaded.

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EurolinkSCClevis PinSteelZinc/YellowM8 x 14 x 118x14x11 steel zinc yellow plated clevis pin with head and hole din 1434inquire
MSTCMAClevis PinSteelPlainM8 x 228 x 22 din 1434 clevis pin w/hole stl pl6
MtrcSpecCAClevis PinSteelPlainM8 x 30clevis pin w/out hole din 1434stock

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