Metric Power Tool Accessories by DIN Specification

DIN Specification Metric Power Tool Accessories are the wide group of accessory items that are used both at home and in the factory through attactment to a power tool such as an electric drill. These accessories encompass the complete range of items from metal drill bits and router bits, through machine taps and dies to band saw blades, flap disks, and cut-off wheels.

Search thousands of Power Tool Accessories by DIN specification in the FCH Sourcing Network database of surplus, odd lot, slow-moving and hard to find fasteners. Click one of the links below to find everything from DIN 9b HSS Spiral Tapered Reamer, Form B, Flute Type L8 to DIN 48083 Dies for presses for pressure connections; mechanical presses with a nominal compressive force up to 15 and up to 60 kN. dimensions of the hexagon compression type from hundreds of fastener distributors.

Many FCH Network Member companies sell their Power Tool Accessories directly to end users, and others sell only to other distributors. Some list pricing information and some do not. The database is open for search by anyone with an internet connection, however members who login to the website receive additional benefits and more extensive fastener listings.