Jay-CeeMISemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain5-105-10 semi-tubular aluminum brake lining rivets1500
Jay-CeeMISemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain5-125-12 semi-tubular aluminum brake lining rivets1300
Jay-CeeMISemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain5-45-4 semi-tubular aluminum brake lining rivets2950
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FastenalTNSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain3/16 x 1-3/83/16 x 1 x 3/8 truss head semi-tubular aluminum rivet | (01d2405/tnspa) b18.7257828
FastenalTNSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain3/16x1-1/8x3/8 truss semi-tubular rivet z 130253 | (01d1311/ncabe) b18.7500
Irwin IndOntSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumAnodized9/64 x 5/89/64 x 5/8 oval head semi tubular rivet gold anodized b18.72,500
Irwin IndOntSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain1/8 x 7/161/8 x 7/16 oval hd semi tubular rivet al & 1842a b18.77,400
Irwin IndOntSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain1210 x 5/321210 x 5/32 plain 5052/5056 aluminum semi-tub rivet b18.7150
WMTSMISemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain3/16 x 11/163/16 x 11/16 oval hd semi tubular rivetz/p b18.7500
THRDFASTMSSemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlain1/8 x 1/81/8x1/8 oval head semi tubular rivet aluminum b18.7200
FastcoMISemi-Tubular RivetAluminumPlainOverall Length-3.387 / 3.364 Washer Round Da-.638 / .628 Washer And Tab Da-.760 / .740 Shoulder Diameter-.271 / .264 Shoulder Length-.094 / .083 Knurl Diameter-.255 / .248 Knurl Length-.074 / .059 Body Diameter-.234 / .230 End Indent Diameter-.165 /.154 Indent Depth-.125 / .110 Thread N/A Material 1018 Finish Rust Inhibitor Heat Treat N/A | Semi-Tubular Rivet b18.7400

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