Machine Screws are uniformly threaded screws which are designed to be screwed into pre-drilled, pre-threaded holes, or in conjunction with a nut, usually with a diameter less than 1/4inch. Larger diameter machine screws are usually referred to a machine bolts.

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FastenalTNMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 1/210-16 x 1/2 square pan h | (01d2407/tndic) b18.6.312737
EmpireWAMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 1/210-16 x1/2 pan sq drill1005
EmpireWAMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 1/210-16 x 1/2 flat phil undercut2800
R&SORMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 5/810-16 x 5/8 phillips pancake head6500
SIIINMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 3/4#10-16x3/4 (ft) pan head phil #3 point b18.6.370
Wurth AdaMNMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 3/4scr self drilling #3 flat 82 deg steel (zn) phillips 10-16x3/439,914
TrifastTXMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 3/410-16x3/4 pan torx h.tensile half dog finish per dwg20800
WDMBIAMachine Screw400 Stainless (405, 410,416,420,430 etc.)Plain#10-16 x 3/4phil flat undercut 410 ss3325
AFIFLMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 3/4#10-16x3/4 square drive pan sd st zn16199
EmpireWAMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 3/410-16 x3/4 pan sq drill1300
Wurth AdaMNMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1scr self drilling #3 flat 82 deg steel (zn) phillips 10-16x118,884
SISAZMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 1phillips pan typ tapscrsta320
TimberlineCOMachine Screw400 Stainless (405, 410,416,420,430 etc.)Plain#3 10-16 x 1unsl hwh #3 410 ss 10-16 x 112240
WeaverWAMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1torx dr flat wafer board10000
SIIINMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/4phillips flat head zinc plated 10-16 x 1 1/4)2500
CIFILMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Black#10-16 x 1 1/4#10-16 x 1 1/4 flat head torx drive machine screw dril-kwick with #3 point zinc black5225
R&SORMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 1 1/410-16 x 1 1/4 square drive pan head50
WeaverWAMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/4torx dr flat wafer board9000
AFIFLMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/410-16x1-1/4 phil pan sd2 st zn1000
AFIFLMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/210-16x1-1/2 phillips pancake sd3 st z2000
TimberlineCOMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/2phl pan hl zn 10-16 x 1-1/21173
WeaverWAMachine ScrewSteelZinc/Clear#10-16 x 1 1/2torx dr flat wafer board4000
R&SORMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 2#10-16 x 2 phillips pan head self2900
EmpireWAMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 210-16 x 2 pan sq drill500
EmpireWAMachine ScrewSteelPlain#10-16 x 2 1/210-16 x 2-1/2 pan phil drill1350

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