1/2 Solid Rivets (ANSI b18.1.1)

Solid Rivets are the oldest and simplest type of rivet, their use going back to Ancient Egyptian times. Like all rivets, their purpose is to tightly clamp two pieces of material together. A solid rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft, with a flat or rounded head on one end. Unlike a blind rivet, free access to both sides of the joint is required. The rivet is placed in a pre-drilled hole, and the tail end of the rivet is deformed by pressure until the pieces are tightly clamped together. Blind rivets are extensively used in steel construction, ship building, aeroplane construction.

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SIIINSolid RivetAluminumPlain1/21/2 quick grip) b18.1.1 b18.1.230
EBN IndusINSolid RivetAluminumPlain1/2 x 3 1/41/2 x 3 1/4 rd hd solid rivet b18.1.1 b18.1.2241
B & K FASTPASolid RivetSteelPlain1/2 x 21/2 x 2 solid steel rivets round hd b18.1.1 b18.1.250

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