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WDMBIAChannel NutSteelPlainM8-1.25channel nut /prt .0003 cr3 blzn&e809
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear3/8-16short spring 1-5/8 channel l/n import56
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelPlain#10-32nut w/o spring for b72 channel350
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelPlain#10-32nut w/spring for b72 channel1000
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear3/8-16short spring 1-5/8 channel l/n usa230
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear3/8-16reg spring 1-5/8 channel l/n usa200
KL SalesWIChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear3/8-16reg spring 1-5/8 channel l/n import250
Cal FastenrsCAChannel NutSteelGalvanized1/2-13channel nut w/spring electro n-2-8-eg300
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear1/2-13channel nut w/o spring7
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear5/8-11channel nut w/o spring55
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelPlain3/8-16channel nut hvy duty13
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelPlain3/8-16channel nut std duty120
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelPlain1/2-13channel nut hvy duty84
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelPlain1/2-13channel nut std duty88
BrisIndILChannel NutSteelPlain5/8-11channel nut hvy duty96
ACF CmpntsCAChannel Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain18-8 304 superstrut nut300
GexproCAChannel NutSteelPlainchannel nut w/spring397
GexproCAChannel NutSteelPlain5/16-18 1 5/8series channel spring nut stl290
GexproOHChannel Nut316, A4 StainlessPlainM10-1.50316 s/s nut fr channel w/o springchannel sz 1-5/8x13/1616
GexproOHChannel Nut316, A4 StainlessPlain11fr channel nut 316xbb345
FASCONVChannel NutSteelZinc/Yellow3/8-16channel trapnut t&b 37CNTNY222
ULTRAChannel Nut316, A4 StainlessPlain3/8-16REGULAR SPRING15,000
ULTRAChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear3/8=16WITH REGULAR SPRING24,000
ULTRAChannel NutSteelZinc/Clear1/4-20WITH REGULAR SPRING10,800
CenturyFLChannel Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)PlainM8bms8sss4 channel nut w/spr b54 18-8 3041,198
CenturyFLChannel NutSteelPlainb-line bmm-6l channel t nut157
CenturyFLChannel Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain7/8power utility ss1/4eg 1/4-20 short sprg channel nut approx. oal hght inch4,300
AbabaCAChannel NutSteelPlain1/4-20channel spring nut for a & b channel9
AbabaCAChannel Nut300 Stainless (A1,A2, 18-8,304,310 etc.)Plain1/4-20channell spring nut s/s25
WurthINChannel NutSteelPlain1/2-13channel nut w/regular spring500
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