Ball Studs & Pins, Steel or Grade 2 or Grade A (DIN 71803c)

Ball Studs are fasteners with a spherical shaped head and a threaded shank. The special head is designed to allow a rapid assembly while some movement of the assembled parts is allowed. Ball studs are usually paired with socket mechanism to transfer rotating motion to linear motion.

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MMCCILBall Stud, Ball PinSteelPlainM10 x M6type c 10xm6 ball stud type c 10xm6 din 71803cinquire
MSTCMABall Stud, Ball PinSteelPlain16 mm din 71803c ball stud w/thd nck stl1
MSTCMABall Stud, Ball PinSteelPlain13 mm din 71803c ball stud w/thd nck stl12
MSTCMABall Stud, Ball PinSteelPlain8 mm din 71803c ball stud w/thd nck stl21

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