FCH Membership Setup

Step 1. Account Features & Options
FCH Membership includes:
Inventory Listings:5K listings
FCH SourceFinder™ RFQs:90 Days FREE
Basic Banner Ad:Yes
FCH Distributor Directory Listing:Yes
User Logins:8
Inventory Refresh:4 per quarter
Upload Direct from INxSQL:Yes
Upload Direct from Business Edge:Yes
Upload Direct from Distribution One:Yes
Track inbound phone inquiries:90 Days FREE
FCH Close-Outs Ads:10 per quarter
"Deep Links" to Shopping Cart:Optional
What if I want to list more than 5,000 lines?

One Time Set-Up Fee $39.95 : < COVID Buster!
Quarterly Membership Rate:
Step 2. Review Membership Agreement
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Step 3. Membership Activation
Sign Up Information:

Your membership benefits begin immediately and you can login to your new FCH account to upload your inventory and banner ad.

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fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
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Credit Card Details
fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
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First Quarterly Membership Fee:
If you have any problems or concerns, contact us:

Phone:  877-332-7836
Email:   FCH Support

You will see a payment to FCH Sourcing Network on your next credit card statement. The service you are joining bills quarterly, and you can conveniently end service at any time during the current quarter to stop service beginning the next quarter.