FCH Network Full Membership Setup

FULL LEVEL MEMBERSHIP is the most popular program we offer. This is the basic program that has been so successful for distributors across North America for over 10 years! It's perfect for those who have a mix of slow movers they'd like to get off the shelves, and who also want to increase sales and develop new customers on their primary, high-margin inventory items.

Starts with the ability to advertise 5K listings of any type of fastener inventory you want, and you can customize your program to optionally assign different product categories to different locations and staff to manage.

DON'T WORRY: Uploading your fastener inventory is easy with the FCH Scrubber! And, you can make changes to your membership options any time once you're set up.

Inventory Listings:5K up to 25K
Receive FCH SourceFinder™ RFQs:Yes
Banner Ad w Company Logo/URL:Yes
Performance Statistics:Yes
Use of FCH Scrubber™ Technology:Yes
Inventory Uploads:5 per quarter
Upload Direct from INxSQL:Yes
Upload Direct from Business Edge:Yes
User Logins:8
Number of Locations:4
FCH Close Outs Targeted Ads:10 per quarter
"Deep Links" to Shopping Cart:Available
Step 1. How Many Inventory Listings To Start With?
  Basic 5K Listings, $149.95 per quarter
  Add 1K Listings (6K total), $164.90 per quarter
  Add 2K Listings (7K total), $169.90 per quarter
  Add 3K Listings (8K total), $174.90 per quarter
  Add 5K Listings (10K total), $179.90 per quarter
  Add 10K Listings (15K total), $209.85 per quarter
You can cancel HASSLE-FREE before the end of any quarter, but you won't want to! We haven't been doing this for over 10 years without providing a great value to the majority of distributors who have joined. We value your membership and we act that way.
One Time Set-Up Fee $39.95 :
Quarterly Membership Rate:
Step 2. Please Review the FCH Membership Agreement
I have read and understand these terms:

Step 3. Membership Activation
Sign Up Information:

Your membership benefits begin immediately and you can login to your new FCH account just moments after your credit card is processed and you complete your company profile information.

Instructions and examples for inventory uploading are available on the Member Home Page once you login.

We accept most major credit cards, and your payment information is securely handled by Stripe, a fully PCI-DSS compliant company, which means that it complies with the latest regulations relating to handling, storing, and transmitting sensitive credit card information, similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay. FCH stores NONE of your credit card information on our servers.

If you have any problems or think the validation system isn't working correctly, please contact us:

Phone:  877-332-7836
Email:   FCH Network Support

You will see a payment to FCH Sourcing Network on your next credit card statement. The service you are joining bills quarterly, and you can conveniently end service at any time during the current quarter to stop service beginning the next quarter.

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