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Fully Threaded Radio Episode #60 - We Have Assumed Control
03/07/2013 08:47 PM CST

Fully Threaded Radio, Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network, has been released "Episode #60 - We Have Assumed Control". See to download or stream the latest edition of the show the fastener industry is talking about.

Assuming anything can be risky, especially when control is the object. Turn-around artist, Vince Chiappone, describes his experience taking the helm at The Richard Manno Company (85:41). Kind of a “big deal” in the fastener industry, Ms. Jackie Ventura, who steers her own ship at Fasteners and Industrial Products, shockingly explains why her choice in smart phones is NOT an iPhone, and also previews the upcoming NCFA Distributor Social (27:56). Also, the FDI reading took a dramatic downturn in February. Mike McNulty and BB&T analyst, Holden Lewis, consider the causes, and also review the MSC and Barnes Distribution deal (55:54). Meanwhile, hosts Brian Musker and Eric Dudas take nothing for granted as they discuss difficulties with the Mars Curiosity rover, HAL 9000, and ubiquitous surveillance cameras. The cyborgs may be coming, but FTR listeners will be prepared. Run time: 02:06:10

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