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Fully Threaded Radio Episode #57 - Thanks, Hoss
01/24/2013 04:52 PM CST

Fully Threaded Radio, Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network, has been released "Episode #57 - Thanks, Hoss". See to download or stream the latest edition of the show the fastener industry is talking about.

The legendary Cartwright family made its mark on the old west, just as some have made theirs on the fastener industry. Dan Zehnder welcomes industry magnate, Mr. Ed McIlhon, of Assembled Products, to the latest installment of Legends of the Industry (79:13). It’s amazing what can happen during a simple test of a new phone system. Industry veteran, Paul Cabot, of fastener distributor Main Source, describes current conditions in the northeast, and recounts his foray into the fastener dot-com bubble (20:34). Also, on the Fastener News Report, the ever fastener-focused Mike McNulty talks with Tim Busching, of Elgin Fastener Group, about their recent partnership announcement with Brighton Best International and more. Affable hosts Brian Musker and Eric Dudas note the industry’s interest in wind energy, and discover a paradoxical and under-reported ornithological tragedy. Run time: 01:57:54

Fully Threaded Radio is a production of and the FCH Sourcing Network.