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Fully Threaded Radio Episode #55 - Cliff Jumpers
12/13/2012 10:27 AM CST

Fully Threaded Radio, Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network, has been released "Episode #55 - Cliff Jumpers". See to download or stream the latest edition of the show the fastener industry is talking about.

Back away from the cliff! Fastener talk radio triumphantly returns with Mr. Charlie Kerr, of Kerr Lakeside, to discuss the possible impact of the fiscal cliff on family operated fastener companies (80:19). Mike McNulty’s Fastener News Report covers industry headlines and the free-falling FDI numbers from November, along with BB&T analyst, Holden Lewis (47:06). He also talks with Ruth Dowling, of Ningbo Jinding, about her experience at the recent Brazil Fastener Show in Sao Paulo (66:11). NFDA president, Jay Queenin, describes the “new era” and evolving role of the country’s largest national fastener association (22:06). Plus, news from the MWFA, NCFA and the longshoreman’s strike. Special bonus Christmas appearance by The Fastener Chipmunks (79:14). Hosts Brian Musker and Eric Dudas wax eloquent on holidays of yore, and note the chance appearance of a new fastener dog on the program. Ever have that dream where you're helplessly falling? The final episode of 2012 is kind of like that. Run time: 02:13:09

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