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Fully Threaded Radio Episode #49 - Grateful Thread
08/09/2012 06:09 PM CDT

Fully Threaded Radio, Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network, has been released "Episode #49 - Grateful Thread". See to download or stream the latest edition of the show the fastener industry is talking about.

Has the effect of a sizzling hot summer been to cool the outlook for the fastener industry? Where can you go to find hard to get fasteners when you don’t know where to go? And exactly who built the successful businesses that make up the fastener industry? Don “Solution Man” Shan, of Solution Industries, chimes in and describes how a business about nothing is actually something you should know about (71:30). BB&T Capital Markets analyst, Holden Lewis, discusses the chilly July FDI results along with Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report (45:49). Plus, Specialty Bolt & Screw and NFDA president, Mr. Jay Queenin, describes his view of business conditions abroad, and also exciting developments at the largest national fastener trade organization (24:20). Hosts Brian Musker and Eric Dudas celebrate a couple of important milestone birthdays, as they gratefully build their own successful business, one thread at a time. Run time: 01:54:51

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