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Fully Threaded Radio Episode #68 - Dubious Soup
08/08/2013 02:23 PM CDT

Fully Threaded Radio, Internet Radio for the fastener industry and the voice of the FCH Sourcing Network, has been released "Episode #68 - Dubious Soup". See to download or stream the latest edition of the show the fastener industry is talking about.

What’s behind the latest moves at Porteous Fastener Company? How is additive manufacturing and 3D printing impacting the fastener industry in today’s market? And what is the significance of the FDI and PMI divergence in July? Bob Porteous shares his thoughts and hopes for the future (1:04:33). Top A. Raymond Tinnerman R&D engineers explain their efforts in utilizing additive manufacturing technology in the current fastener world (18:20). And Mike McNulty, along with BB&T analyst Holden Lewis, seeks perspective in the modern world’s soupy reality during the Fastener News Report (44:52). Meanwhile, hosts Brian Musker and Eric Dudas lament past errors while they dream of the abundant oyster crackers to come. Run time: 01:37:57

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