M2 Self-Clinching Studs

Self-Clinching studs, Press-Fit Studs or Clinch Studs are installed by being pressed into a hole, embedding the head of the stud in the material, creating a secure lock into the sheet with high torque-out and pushout resistance.

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SWACOOHSelf-Clinching StudSteelPlainM2-8.00fhs-m2-8 spec pem stud199
TrifastTXSelf-Clinching StudSteelPlainM2-12 x 331m2 flush head stud 12mm steel astmb633z1cr3bakesrt2000
TrifastTXSelf-Clinching StudSteelPlainM2-6.00 x 331m2 flush head stud 6mm steel astmb633z1cr3bakesrt2500

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